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    Model: #5 Pacific                                Sights: Mid-range rear; Globe front    

    Caliber: 38-55                                      Wood: Standard Grade Walnut

    Barrel: 30" Green Mtn. 1:14 twist        Comments: Rebuilt; New wood and barrel

    Trigger: Double set                               Price: $2850



    Model: 1885 Highwall                               Sights: Buckhorn rear; Beach front

    Caliber: 32-40                                           Wood: Standard grade walnut

    Barrel: 30" half octagon                           Comments: Original; Good shooter

    Trigger: Standard                                      Price: $2250




    Model: 1885 Highwall                                Sights: Buckhorn rear; Blade front

    Caliber: 38-55                                            Wood: Standard grade walnut

    Barrel: 28"                                                  Comments: Sleeved barrel; Tight action; Good shooter

    Trigger: Standard                                       Price: $1550 SOLD 



    Model: 1874 Hartford                                Sights: Buckhorn rear; Blade front

    Caliber: 45-70                                            Wood: Extra fancy walnut

    Barrel: 30"                                                  Comments: Limited edition; 1 of 100

    Trigger: Double set                                    Price: $4500



    Model: Rolling Block                                Sights: MVA Tang rear; Globe front

    Caliber: 45-70                                           Wood: Fancy walnut

    Barrel: 30" Green Mtn.                             Comments: BPCR; Built by Verl Sigman

    Trigger: Standard                                      Price: $3275



    Model: B78                                            Sights: Burris 3x9

    Caliber: 6MM                                        Wood: Fancy walnut

    Barrel: 26"                                             Comments: Rare caliber

    Trigger: Standard                                  Price: $1350 SOLD



    Model: Commercial 98 Mauser               Sights: European style; With scope rings

    Caliber: .308                                              Wood: Fancy Walnut

    Barrel: 25"                                                  Comments: Custom rifle by Forest; 95%+

    Trigger: Double set                                    Price: $1250




    Model: KKJ                                            Sights: None

    Caliber: .22LR                                        Wood: Factory target

    Barrel: 25"                                              Comments: 95%+

    Trigger: Double set                                Price: $1375 SOLD 



    Model:                                                 Sights: Weaver K3 w/German post

    Caliber: 7x57                                       Wood: European walnut

    Barrel: 21"                                            Comments: 85%+

    Trigger: Standard                                Price: $1500



    Model: 1873                                    Sights: Buckhorn rear; Blade front

    Caliber: 32-20                                Wood: Standard grade walnut

    Barrel: 26" round                            Comments: Original; Good shooter

    Trigger: Standard                            Price: $1850



    Model: 1890                                        Sights: Buckhorn rear; Blade front

    Caliber: .22L                                        Wood: Lightly figured walnut

    Barrel: 24"                                           Comments: Original; Hard to find caliber

    Trigger: Standard                                Price: $1200 SOLD



    Model: 82                                            Sights: None

    Caliber: 22 Hornet                              Wood: Lightly figured walnut

    Barrel: 22"                                           Comments: Oregon Mfg; 95%+

    Trigger: Standard                                Price: $1650



    Model: 70 Featherweight                    Sights: Factory

    Caliber: 6.5x55                                     Wood: Standard grade walnut

    Barrel: 22"                                            Comments: Mfg. 1986 only; 95%+

    Trigger: Standard                                 Price: $1375 SOLD



    Model: 721                                            Sights: With scope rings

    Caliber: .264 Win Mag                         Wood: Standard grade walnut

    Barrel: 24"                                            Comments: Very rare caliber; only 1115 mfg.         

    Trigger: Standard                                 Price: $1500



    Model: Patrone                                    Sights: Factory

    Caliber: .22LR                                       Wood: Standard grade walnut

    Barrel: 26" HB                                       Comments: Original

    Trigger: Standard                                  Price: $800 SOLD



    Model: 4                                                Sights: With scope rings

    Caliber: .22LR                                       Wood: Standard grade walnut

    Barrel: 27 1/2" HB                                 Comments: Very accurate

    Trigger: Standard                                  Price: $825

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